25 April, 2011

Learning the Impact of Climate Change: Tasks

Details of tasks for a Tasmanian high school’s Grade 8 Society and History class on “learning the impact of climate change” (note that all punctuation is reproduced exactly):
Climate Change - An overview
Choose 3 options from the list provided - one of each colour. Read through the short summary of expectations for that task. If you are not sure what a task is asking, talk to your peers about it or check with your teacher.
When beginning any task, we often try to just jump right in and start, thinking that if we wait we will run out of time. STOP!! It is always best to have a few questions to guide your research before you begin, and these questions often lead to more in-depth and focussed work. Whichever topics you choose to respond to, make sure that a) you are interested in that topic and b) you create 3-4 open ended questions to guide your enquiry.
One of your chosen three tasks will be presented to your class and/or grade. Each of your tasks will be assessed both by your peers and by your teacher.

Global Warming Timeline
Research when global warming and/or climate change was first discussed as a possible future issue and the key events that have occurred over time. Some of these events could include the building or production of some of the major pollutants that have affected our atmosphere. When you place a date on the timeline, you need to provide a short paragraph of information explaining why that date is significant. You can develop your timeline into the future if you want to include some of the predictions of what life will be like by 2050 or 2100.

Fact or Fiction
Create your own quiz based around the facts and myths of climate change / global warming. You will need to research your questions and answers. This should be a minimum of 30 questions, as well as a detailed answer sheet (ie. not just the answer, but the research/reasons behind the answer you have given).

Fact sheet - Natural disasters - Cyclones, floods and tsunamis
Create a fact sheet related to one of the natural disasters listed above. Your fact sheet should include detailed information like - what is a ... ; how is climate change influencing these natural occurrences; what can we do to limit the damage etc. Any information related to the type of disaster you choose would be appropriate (you can even include a fact and fiction section is you’d like).

Picture Book
Create a picture book based around climate change for a chosen audience (select a grade). Think about what would be appropriate, how you would get their attention, what element of climate change you could look at that would increase their understanding of the possible outcomes of global warming and also entertain them. You will need to have pictures and text on every page of your book and create a draft copy first before your final presentation piece.
Eg. Looking at the plight of an endangered species and how they will be affected if global warming continues.

Changing our climate - How Can You Help?
Create a poster outlining how students of [the] High School can change our climate. What can they do at school and at home to reduce their impact of global warming? This can be presented as a poster that could go on display in the school. Create some visual reminders that can be put up in classrooms around the school to encourage people to work together to reduce our impact.

Climate Change / Global Warming lyrical task
Create a song raising awareness for climate change and how everyone can do their bit to help reduce the human impact on global warming. You could write the song about an endangered animal, people or land and/or describe the affects climate change could have if it is not stopped. Put this to music if you can.

Create a presentation - this might take the form of a PowerPoint presentation, a fact sheet or a report - that explains what DeforestACTION is, why there is a need for it and how individuals can take action to change our future for the better.

Create your own climate change crossword
Think carefully about your clues and try incorporating solutions as well.

Fact Sheet - El Niño/La Niña
Create a fact sheet related to both El Niño and La Niña. Your fact sheet should include detailed information like - what is a ... ; how is climate change influencing these natural occurrences; what can we do to limit the damage, how are the natural occurrences changing etc.

What Will the World Be Like in 50 Years?
What will the world be like if we do not address climate change? What will the world be like if we take steps to change our approach to climate change? Document your findings and explain how you came to this conclusion.

Greenhouse Effect Poster
Create a poster that gives a detailed explanation of the greenhouse effect. Your poster must include a detailed diagram that is labelled as well as information found explaining the effect.

Fact Sheet - From Agriculture to Industry
Create a fact sheet that looks at the significant changes in the way humans interact with the environment over the last 150 years. Your report must include a discussion of the Industrial Revolution - what it was and what effect it had on the environment.

Where in the World Mapping Task
Collect the appropriate worksheet that goes with this task from your teacher. This is a mapping task so you need to make sure you include BOLTSS.

Apparent Impacts of Global Warming
See above.

History of Cars
Be creative with this one! Make a presentation that looks at the invention of the automobile and how it has changed over the years. You might like to include some images and diagrams - the more creative you can be, the better!

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