25 March, 2013

Polar Bears and Awarmists

The Perfect Symbol

Cold weather, without
adequate energy for
heating, snatches lives

but the awarmists
complain of the plight of the
polar bear, which thrives.

That animal is
thus a perfect symbol for
awarmist alarm:

propagandists of
“climate-change” don’t understand
what causes most harm,

and polar bears are
depicted as endangered,
despite evidence,

for facts don’t matter
and feelings are always more
worthy than good sense

when pushing pseudo-
scientific forecasts of
catastrophic doom,

and demonising
industry and Western folk
who dare to consume.

for self-serving scaremongers,
the world is cooling

and, consequently,
the numbers will ever fall
of those they’re fooling.

The claim that polar bears are under threat is a cynical attempt at emotional blackmail, designed to short-circuit debate about climate change while adding cash to the overflowing coffers of multinational green mega-NGOs.  WWF alone reported a worldwide income of over €500 million in 2011.  Given the apparent health of most polar-bear populations, it’s time the whole fairytale about polar-bear extinction was put on ice.
UPDATE (10 April):

A Lack of Warming Does Not Prove a Lack of Warming

Any hot summer
must make us swallow foolish
awarmists’ absurd

conjecture that slight
warming dooms us.  Logic, for
them is but a word.

Remind them of all
their faulty prophecies:  “Our
first, second and third

reports,” they shriek, “missed
that oceans have hidden warmth,
but you’ve never heard

a mistake from us!”
Though covered in crap, such folk
remain undeterred.