22 April, 2011

Grattan’s Disdain

The toadying Michelle Grattan, in “Once-burnt public goes cold on price for carbon”, bemoans the growing opposition to a carbon dioxide tax:
The globe may be warming, but the political climate for moving Australia to a lower emission economy seems colder by the day.  This week’s Age/Nielsen poll had support for a carbon price at 34%, a fall from 46% in February.  [...]
Gillard can take heart from this week’s Essential Research poll in which only 39% supported a carbon price, but this rose to 51% when compensation was mentioned.  [So, bribery works, and the PM should be gladdened thereby.]
But Gillard would be very lucky to get that sort of bounce.  Once the compensation details are released, fresh attacks will come.  Many people will be overcompensated but some will partially or fully miss out.  Even though this is perfectly reasonable, there will be screams.
It is perfectly reasonable to overcompensate some people, and to neglect others altogether, with funds raised by taxing efficient power generation, predicated on the ridiculous notion that a beneficent and essential trace gas is a pollutant!  What, we may well wonder, would this journalist consider unreasonable?  Notice the haughty, dismissive disdain for ordinary people’s pain; countless jobs could be terminated, the economy might be wrecked beyond repair and, for many, the daily costs of living may become unaffordable, but though lives be ruined, Michelle Grattan casually slights the likely and understandable protests as well as the anguish of suffering as “screams”, the unsympathetic, sycophantic cunt.

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Anonymous said...

Funny isn’t it how the media are the only ones left now, still acting like climate change is even now a real emergency anymore?
The thousands of consensus scientists who themselves proclaimed doom for 25 years watched silently as American IPCC funding was pulled and didn’t even react to Obama not even mentioning once, the climate crisis in his state of the union speech. Shouldn’t these countless thousands of saintly consensus scientists be screaming and marching in the streets and be demanding air time for our biggest emergency ever? They have children and families too who will be effected by their catastrophic climate change crisis.
The voting majority are now former believers and anyone who doesn’t realize that is the new denier, and all hope for climate mitigation action is lost yet nobody is acting like the climate change crisis is still a crisis, except the main scream media of course.
Climate Change fear mongering has done to progressivism, science and journalism what abusive priests did for the Catholic Church and there is widespread talk now of criminal chargers for the leading news editors and lab coat consultant-scientists who knowingly lead us to a false war just like Bush and the neocons did.