14 February, 2014

Time’s Up

Back in 2012 my father and I attended a “conversation” on climate change which was held in Hobart.  The four main speakers spouting the pseudo-scientific bullshit that night were Prof. Tim Flannery, Prof. Will Steffen, Prof. Lesley Hughes and some slow, boring economist, Mr. Roger Beale.
After the forum had concluded, I managed to approach Prof. Flannery; I asked him when Brisbane would run out of water, and Flannery kindly professed:  “Within the next couple of years.”
Now, “a couple of years”, surely, means “two years” and it has now been two years since our colloquy.  Has Brisbane run out of water?   I checked the figures here and here; it appears that Brisbane’s dams average over 89% capacity, with several over 96%.
It seems to me, if dams average an 89% capacity, with none at all anywhere near empty, that Brisbane will not run out of water even within the next couple of years.