15 April, 2011

Greenhouse-Gas Theory Discredited, I

In his new paper, “Determination of the Total Emissivity of a Mixture of Gases Containing 5% of Water Vapor and 0.039% of Carbon Dioxide at Overlapping Absorption Bands” [Nasif Nahle] proves that in nature, [carbon dioxide] and water vapour mix together to decrease infrared radiation emissions/absorptions in the air.  This is the opposite of what conventional climatology has been saying for years.  [...]
Dr. Nahle completed his controversial study with the assistance of American physicist, Dr. Charles Anderson[...]
Nasif’s study looked at how well gases in our atmosphere convert energy from the sun to raise temperatures on the ground.  He went on, “In the case of carbon dioxide, its emissivity consists of its potential to emit the energy absorbed because it is not a primary source of heat.”
Nasif added, “the absorptivity coefficient of the carbon dioxide is equal to its emissivity coefficient, the gas can absorb only a limited amount of the energy received from other sources and then emit a limited amount of the energy absorbed.”  In simple terms, this means carbon dioxide cannot ‘store’ more energy than it emits.
The paper concludes:
Applying the physics laws of atmospheric heat transfer, the Carbon Dioxide behaves as a coolant of the Earth’s surface and the Earth’s atmosphere by its effect of diminishing the total absorptivity and total emissivity of the mixture of atmospheric gases.
Dr. Anderson and I found that the coolant effect of the carbon dioxide is stronger when Oxygen is included into the mixture [...] which is lower than the value [...] obtained by considering only the mixture of water vapor and carbon dioxide.
As John O’Sullivan observes, the paper by Dr. Nahle and Dr. Anderson—if verified—refutes the  doom-saying, global-warming orthodoxy.

See also Paul Clark’s  “Summary Disproving AGW”, and “The Fallacy of the Greenhouse Effect,” Part 1 and Part 2.

UPDATE:  John O’Sullivan, on his own site, adds “Debunking the Greenhouse Gas Theory in Three Simple Steps”.


Anonymous said...

It must be peer reviewed or it will mean nothing. Get it peer reviewed.

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