02 March, 2012

A Submission to the DPP

I sent this submission today to Mr. Tim Ellis SC, the Tasmanian Director of Public Prosecutions:
I write to suggest respectfully that you give serious consideration to investigating Prof. Tim Flannery (the Australian Climate Commissioner) and, should you find sufficient evidence—as I’m sure you will—I advocate that you prosecute him for conspiracy to defraud the people of Tasmania, for fraud, for acquiring a financial advantage, and for numerous other crimes.
I was present in the audience recently (at the Hobart Town Hall, on Wednesday, 22 February) when Prof. Flannery and several other malfeasant accomplices presented false, manufactured, deceitful, specious arguments in favour of the fraudulent, pseudo-scientific conjecture of Catastrophic Anthropogenic Global Warming (CAGW).  It is obvious wherefore Prof. Flannery promotes the silly, unfalsifiable (and therefore unscientific) conjecture of CAGW: he makes a great deal of money therefrom and clearly expects to make much more; he already receives a handsome salary (plus, I imagine, other benefits) extracted from taxpayers (by way of incompetent governments); he also stands to extort more funding for his self-interested proposals for the development of geothermal energy.
I shall gladly provide contact details of real scientists who can explain how greatly mistaken Prof. Flannery’s predictions, analyses and explanations are.  It is my contention, of course, that Prof. Flannery is more than mistaken: he must know by now that CAGW is a scam, but he relentlessly continues to spread alarmist, nonsensical claims of likely doom for all mankind from slightly rising seas and insignificantly increased average temperatures because of his egregious greed.
Prof. Flannery and his fellow conspirators need to be prosecuted for their willfully criminal attempts to defraud, and for their related, alarmist scaremongering, so I beg you to investigate this mendacious, mercenary, lucripetous, alleged scientist (and to acknowledge this request) as soon as possible.
From the Tasmanian Criminal Code Act 1924:
252A.  Acquiring a financial advantage
(1)  Any person who by any deception dishonestly acquires for himself or for any other person any financial advantage is guilty of a crime.
297.  Conspiracy
(1)  Any person who conspires with another [...]
(c)  to commit any crime;
(d)  to cheat or defraud the public, or any particular person, or class of persons;
(e)  to extort, by any means, any property whatever from any person;
(f)  to inflict by any unlawful means any injury or harm upon the public, or any particular person or class of persons;
(h)  to do any act involving, and known to be likely to involve, public mischief; [...]
is guilty of a crime.
UPDATE I (3 March):  I sent today a request to Mr. Chris Craigie SC, the Commonwealth Director of Public Prosecutions, recommending that he too investigate and prosecute Prof. Flannery (under provisions of the Criminal Code Act 1995) “for obtaining a financial advantage by deception, for general dishonesty, for conspiracy to defraud, and for numerous other crimes.”

UPDATE II (5 March):  I received this message from Cathy Granger, Executive Assistant to the DPP:
Mr Ellis SC has read your letter and has asked me to advise you that he has no investigative function or power.
UPDATE III (5 March):  I sent today a request to Tasmania Police recommending that the police investigate and prosecute Prof. Flannery.

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