19 March, 2012

Droughts May Lead to Droughts!

In “We’re likely to be a land of increasingly severe droughts and floods”, the mendacious lackey of the Australian Government’s Office of the Propagation of Awarmist Faith, Prof. Will Steffen, asserts (with the supporting evidence, as always, of axioms and appeals to authority):
Extended dry periods are expected to increase in southwest and southeast Australia by the end of this century, increasing the risk of drought.
So, to be clear, extended dry periods, or droughts, will increase the risk of extended dry periods, or droughts.  No!  Clearly, we need a new, ruinous tax on the air we breathe, instanter.
The magnitude of these risks [of Climate Change!] ultimately depends on the effectiveness of global emission reduction efforts, including by Australia.  The transition to a clean energy economy, which is gathering speed in many parts of the world, gives us great hope that we can minimise these potential risks.
So, to be clear, the world must reduce the emissions of gases, which have not been proven to warm the world dangerously or to cause more floods and droughts, lest the world warm dangerously bringing more floods and droughts; and the enforced use of more expensive forms of energy production by corrupt, incompetent governments should make us more optimistic that we can avert the risks which are not real risks.

UPDATE:  see also “A Land of Severer Severities”.

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