18 November, 2011

Just Another Billion or So

At Big Government, Wynton Hall describes how Robert Kennedy, Jr. just happened to obtain a $1.4 thousand million bailout for his company:
It’s just one more in a string of eye-opening revelations by investigative journalist and Breitbart editor Peter Schweizer in his explosive new book, Throw Them All Out.
The details of how BrightSource managed to land its ten-figure taxpayer bailout have yet to emerge fully.  However, one clue might be found in the person of Sanjay Wagle.
Wagle was one of the principals in Kennedy’s firm who raised money for Barack Obama’s 2008 presidential campaign. When Obama won the White House, Wagle was installed at the Department of Energy (DOE), advising on energy grants.
Still, judging from the lack of concern from most of the media, we may safely assume that the Obama administration, apart from this one excess, has been spending taxpayers’ funds prudently and with the utmost fiscal responsibility and transparent, fiduciary competence.

UPDATE:  see also Bryan Preston’s take, at PJ Media:
Obama’s administration handed Kennedy’s company, BrightSource, $1.4 billion in loans.  That’s almost three times the amount loaned to Solyndra.  Both companies had big Democrats deeply involved.  Both companies went under.  Who pays for that?  According to Obama and other liberals, the rich don’t pay their fair share of taxes.  So the middle class is paying for RFK Jr. to get that loan.

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