06 June, 2011

Say “Yes” to Increased Taxes

A new site has been launched to say “Yes” to a tax on carbon dioxide.


Tucci said...


On Anthony Watts' Web log, you recently thanked me for providing a link to Jeff Glassman's article "Conjecture, Hypothesis, Theory, Law: The Basis of Rational Argument" [1] (published in the very unlikely venue of The Crossfit Journal, December 2007). I've since had reason to look for additional material on or by this individual, and learned that he more recently engaged in an exchange of comments - incredibly detailed and thoroughly referenced - with a warmist propaganda-pusher pertinent to Mises Daily article published online by the Ludwig von Mises Institute on 10 September 2010.

This item, titled "Must We Do Something, Anything, about Global Warming?" [1] was written by Robert Blumen. In accord with the purpose of the von Mises Institute, it focused upon the economic aspects of the subject, but Dr. Glassman began a series of responses to the duplicitous and erroneous posts of a troll operating under the online nickname of "michael."

And Dr. Glassman hammered this pimple, even identifying the sources from which "michael" was second-handing his yammering points (which "michael" for the greatest part did not cite).

A total of 350 comments were eventually appended on the Mises.org site for Mr. Blumen's article work, totaling two very full Web pages, both of which I strongly recommend to you. I've saved them for future reference, and I would wish that Dr. Glassman had gathered them for his own Web site [3] as an exemplary dialogue between an honest disputant and the sort of "Czrgo Cult Science" putzes pushing the AGW fraud.

I will continue Web searching Dr. Glassman in hopes of finding other writings he's undertaken, but I thought it appropriate to provide you with insight into this discovery.

And it is secondarily to be observed that Dr. Glassman is almost certainly a libertarian, as are most American advocates of the Austrian School. Ain't that doubly delightful?

[1] http://library.crossfit.com/free/pdf/64_07_Conjecture_to_Law.pdf

[2] http://mises.org/daily/4673

[3] http://www.rocketscientistsjournal.com/

Deadman said...

Many thanks, Tucci.