18 June, 2011

Defrauding Schools, Teachers, and Schoolchildren

The Great TakingITGlobal/DeforestACTION Swindle

Here’s how the scam works:
kids want to save the forests
and cute animals;

so, get schools involved,*
recruit gullible teachers,
bank loads of money.

Kids raise donations
and provide advertisements
voluntarily §

(though anyone else
using unpaid child-labour
would be in trouble).

Best of all is this:
a registered NPO
pays no income tax!

raking it in globally—
profitable con.

*  see Enforced Donation in Addition to Indoctrination.
†  see, for example, here.
‡  TakingITGlobal provides an audited financial statement no later than that of 2008: the revenues [in Canadian dollars] for 2008 (excluding in-kind contributions and amortisation of capital contributions) were $1,623,029, whilst salaries, benefits and internships were $965,360; advertising and promotion cost $412,547; and travel cost $320,064.

§  At least Greenpeace (not
pays its collectors.

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