13 July, 2011

Gore Redefines Reality

One of the world’s biggest liars, Albert “Götterdämmerung” Gore Jr., spying from his sumptious führerbunker his dreams of scamming the world ended by a sad deficiency of world-wide warming, as well as fewer tornadoes, fewer droughts, and fewer dupes of his apocalyptic doom-saying, has determined on a savage, reality-denying, youth-recruiting, ruinous, final effort to hoodwink the world into believing in his discredited CAGW conjecture of a trace-gas-induced Ragnarök.  (Any day now, perhaps, we might watch as he pins an Iron Cross to the tunic of a teenager who has removed all the incandescent light-bulbs from his parents’ house.)  Gore eructates:
The climate crisis is a reality, and we are seeing its impacts in extreme weather all around the world.  Using the same deceitful playbook as big tobacco used years before to mislead the public about the dangers of smoking, oil and coal companies and their allies are now deceiving the public about climate change.  They have nearly unlimited resources to sow doubt, but we have one critical advantage:  Reality is on our side.
We are not seeing particularly remarkable extreme weather, that’s a lie.  We here at Impact of Climate Change, for example, are not being funded by anyone, we have very limited resources, and we are not deceiving anyone.  Reality is not on Al. Gore’s side.

The number of wildfires in the US have declined over the past
fifty years of global warming. – From the Hockey Shtick.

See Noel Sheppard’s “Gore Announces New Campaign and Worldwide Event to Re-energize Global Warming Hysteria” and his “Gore Admits Financial ‘Stake’ in Advancing Global Warming Hysteria” at NewsBusters.
Thanks to Crack Emcee at the Macho Response.


Anonymous said...

If you'd stop comparing everybody you don't agree with to Nazis, this might actually be worth reading.

And I am a climate skeptic of long standing

Deadman said...

I thank you for your comment.
I disagree with many people whom I’d never compare with Nazis; but if I see someone acting like a Nazi—talking like a Nazi, or organizing a boycott of a Jewish business like a Nazi, or wanting to draft an Enabling Act, or trying to impose authoritarian, one party rule which would punish all dissent like a Nazi—then I shall feel free to compare that person with a Nazi. Sometimes, if the jackboots fit...

Deadman said...

I’ve just reread some of my posts, but I can’t seem to find evidence that I compare anyone (other than Al Gore, of course, whom I specifically compare to one A. Hitler in his last days) whom I compare with Nazis. I had thought I’d referred to Prof. Garnaut as Prof. Gauleiter, or called Prof. Hamilton a dictatorial cunt, but I had not. I have no problem with very rude, rhetorical invective—two of my favourite poets are Catullus and Martial, and they could be very rude indeed.

ItsFairComment said...

to the point...

Parallels said...

Eco-fascism & the Greens by Merv Bendle, at Quadrant.