23 May, 2011

Four Lies in Four Sentences

From the conclusion of The Critical Decade: Climate science, risks and responses, by the Climate Commission:
As you’ve read in this report, we know beyond reasonable doubt that the world is warming and that human emissions of greenhouse gases are the primary cause.*  The impacts of climate change are already being felt in Australia and around the world with less than 1 degree of warming globally.  The risks of future climate change – to our economy, society and environment – are serious, and grow rapidly with each degree of further temperature rise. Minimising these risks requires rapid, deep and ongoing reductions to global greenhouse gas emissions.§ [p. 60]
The rear and front covers of the report.

* lie 1.  † lie 2.  ‡ lie 3.  § lie 4.

1 comment:

Deadman said...

I have a theory to explain the cover: it looks as if someone wrote a memo, “Should we use some nice cover art to polish this turd?”, and the reply was, “¡=@§#!”