31 March, 2011

Vincent Courtillot: the Sun Controls Climate

How the Sun controls climate, not CO2
A summary of current science, featuring a synopsis of the cosmic-ray theory and an account of the fact that “there is no global temperature.”

Dr. Vincent Courtillot is a professor of geophysics at the University Paris-Diderot and Chair of Paleomagnetism and Geodynamics of the Institut Universitaire de France.  He explains how solar cycles control the climate by their influence on cloud formation (the cosmic-ray theory of Svensmark et al.) and by influencing oceanic oscillations and the length of days.  Dr. Courtillot notes that the IPCC’s climatic computer-models do not correlate with real observations and that temperature trends vary substantially between North America and Europe—which is contrary to the IPCC’s computer-model predictions.  He notes that while the total solar irradiance (TSI) varies by only about 0.1% over a solar cycle, the solar UV varies by about 10% and that secondary effects on cloud formation may vary by up to 30% over solar cycles.  The IPCC computer-models dismiss the rôle of the sun by considering only the small variations of the TSI but ignoring the large changes in the most energetic and influential part of the solar spectrum, the ultraviolet.  (From Climate Realists.)
See also presentations by Prof. Bob Carter, Prof. Nir Shaviv, and others at EikeKlimaEnergie’s YouTube Channel; and see Matt Ridley (at The Rational Optimist):
Correlation ain’t causation.
But for some time I have been noticing that the correlations between certain aspects of solar activity and certain aspects of climate are getting really rather impressive – far more so than anything relating to carbon dioxide.
Carbon dioxide certainly can affect climate, but so for sure can other things, and in explaining the ups and downs of past climate, before industrialisation, variations in the sun are looking better and better as an explanation.  That does not mean the sun causes current climate change, but it certainly suggests that it is at least possible that forcings more powerful than carbon dioxide could be at work.

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Deadman said...

See also: “Physicist Proves CO2 Emissions Irrelevant in Earth’s Climate”:

“This discovery is proof that the IPCC has been lying to the world, along with the CRU and other agencies which have been pushing for programs such as Carbon Cap and Trade schemes. That scheme was designed to coerce peoples and governments into handing over tax dollars for the UN to manage and redistribute as it sees fit. Carbon Dioxide emissions cannot cause Global Warming. Government agencies, including the U.S. federal government and the White House, continue to push this issue as a prelude to instituting a Cap and Trade Tax scheme here in the United States, and it is based upon fraudulent science.
“A segment of the scientific community has had its credibility usurped for what amounts to fraud and embezzlement, and indeed went along willingly in order to continue to receive funding for their grant programs for decades. In other words, they “produced” predetermined results according to what the check writers wanted to see in order to keep their jobs. Their own internal e-mails prove that. That’s not science, which describes reality as it is. That is science fiction, and should be condemned as the fraud that it is.
“The American government, and governments the world over, should be prevented at all costs from instituting Cap and Trade Taxation. Reducing carbon emissions, taxing them into oblivion, will not alter the Earth’s climate in the least. It will however beggar this nation, and every other nation which institutes it, and have no effect on the climate at all.”